The professional life of Jacques Bureau has been characterized by an openness of mind towards new fields and challenges. After scientific studies at high school, he decided to learn pharmaceutical science to fulfil his interest in science as applied to human healthcare. Very soon he completed his education at nearby public hospitals.
Finally he spent nearly 30 years in Hospices Civils de Lyon, at first in clinical laboratories, then in various positions as hospital pharmacist.
He also acquired business experience since, when he was 31 years old, he was appointed as general manager of a small company dealing with reagents and instruments for clinical laboratories. More recently he expanded his knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry in the position of R&D and regulatory manager.

Born in 1945, he belongs to the computer generation. Always fascinated by this new technology, which mimics the human brain, he learned these new technologies as soon as they became readily available. In the various positions he held he paid a lot of attention to all the fields where computers could be used efficiently.

Jacques Bureau likes to share knowledge. Working in teaching hospitals, he spent a lot of time teaching young pharmaceutical students. He is convinced that research work is essential to all university students, so he pushed them towards research work. In addition, he has led numerous researches. His publications' list illustrates pretty well his various abilities.


Jacques Bureau 4 Chemin du Tiers 69450 Saint Cyr au Mont d'Or (France)
+33(0) 953 31 52 40